My real name is Hernán Bruna, I am an independent 2D animator from Chile, currently living in Perú with my girlfriend and my crazy dog: Pongo.

I have spent almost my entire life drawing and creating cartoons, it’s perhaps the only thing that I consider myself good at. Over the last two years I have been working mostly on Youtube, weather on creating cartoon parodies for my channels or working for other people’s content.

Besides Youtube and animation I am also a Movie and a TV freak, a big fan of indie games and a hater of everything by nature; all things that I would love to mix on the new content that I want to bring into my channel on 2016.



The night of January 5th I suffered a bike accident, when I crashed against an unpainted street bump. I came from it alive ( protection helmets ftw!), but when I recovered from the ground I noticed that my left arm was not entirely right.

After visiting three doctors and having some x-rays taken to my elbow, they all told me the same thing: the humerus bone was severely fractured and shattered. Surgery was unavoidable. The would have to cut my elbow open, insert some metal plaques and screw everything together again.

This whole thing was not going to be cheap.


After the accident I have been stacking a lot of medical bills, plus other expenses. This accident happened to me in Perú, where my actual insurance had no coverage. So I took a flight back to Chile intermediately ( buying flying tickets in short notice? not very good for you wallet. Add that to flying with your left arm still broken)

In Chile I had my surgery done and luckily the insurance will pay for almost an 80% of the whole thing ( rehab costs not included).

If I had stayed in Perú in a private hospital this fundraiser goal would be at least x8 times larger.

So in the end my debt it’s NOT gigantic, but it’s not a small one either, plus I am pretty sure that in the end this whole thing will cost a bit more than $3400, but this amount will be a great kickstart. Besides I already sold my Wacom Cintiq 22HD to help pay for some costs and the rest that I need it’s to help me stand on my feets again and face 2016 on the most positive way.

It will take me several months of rehabilitation to fully recover from this accident, but with your help I won’t be a lame noob in this game known as life.

Thank you!



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